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Physical Education

Physical Education at the Foundation – Year 1 Level occurs weekly for one 30 minute session. The emphasis at this level is on developing fundamental motor skills which includes ball handling. Fundamental motor skills are the fundamentals to all sports and are; throwing, catching, kicking, running, jumping, bouncing a ball, leaping, dodging and striking. Ball handling sessions develop skills such as throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, kicking and dribbling. Warm up games and other lesson introduction activities focus on all aspects of fitness; the development of endurance, speed/agility, joint flexibility and strength. Simple games are used as a means of teaching the need to follow instructions and drills are used to develop specific skills. Safety and keeping healthy in terms of looking after your body are discussed regularly during lessons. 

Physical Education at the Year 2 - Year 6 Level occurs weekly for one 60minute session. A brief outline of physical education at these levels includes:

Ball Skills: Continued development of Fundamental Motor Skills and their application to game situations, including modified versions of traditional major games.

Fitness: Development of endurance, speed/agility, joint mobility/flexibility and strength with an emphasis on cardio/vascular fitness for health.

Athletics: Introduction to athletics events such as sprinting, jumping, throwing, hurdles and relays.

Gymnastics: Continued activities in movement exploration and the introduction of more formal gymnastic movements including rolling, balancing and basic activities on apparatus.


                         Year Level Sport (in addition to Physical Education)

Foundation - one 30minute PMP (perceptual motor program) session per week. This is a station based activity where children learn to listen to instructions and develop an understanding of language through movement. The program aims to not only allow time for children to develop co-ordination, but memory and eye tracking skills necessary for reading and spelling. PMP is on Tuesday mornings.

Year 1 - weekly one 60minute session that further enhances Fundamental Motor Skills.

Year 2 - weekly one 60minute session that further enhances Fundamental Motor Skills.

Year 3 - weekly one 60minute session that further enhances Fundamental Motor Skills, basic sport specific skills and basic game play.

Year 4 - weekly one 60minute session that incorporates Fundamental Motor Skills with sport specific skills and game play.

Year 5 - weekly one 90minute session that supports the development of sport specific skills and the whole health and physical education curriculum.

Year 6 - weekly one 120minute session where children are involved in Interschool Sport competition playing specific sports against local schools for summer and Winter Sports. Year 6 Sport is on Fridays.