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Music and Dance

Students from Foundation to Year 4 attend Music and Dance Lessons for an hour per week for half of the year. 

Students will be learning a variety of songs and rhymes and having lots of fun with music. They will enjoy playing and experimenting with instruments in the music room such as drums, keyboards, glockenspiels and simple percussion.

Lessons include activities involving singing, playing instruments and moving and responding to various styles of music.  Students will investigate through song and dance the aspects of music including beat, rhythm, tempo and dynamics.

Students will participate in various dance styles, learn dance sequences and respond to dance performances as well as having opportunities to choreograph and compose dances of their own 

As students progress they will be introduced to simple music notation and will have opportunities to compose and play their own simple music using percussion instruments.

Students begin learning how to play the recorder in year 2 and this continues on throughout years 3 and 4. They will learn how to correctly hold and play the instrument as well as learning to play some simple songs.  With each new song students will be introduced to more complex music notation developing an understanding of written music.


We have a great dance program ‘Footsteps’ planned for the entire school for Term 3. The dances the students learn will be performed at our fabulous end of year concert. Our theme for this year’s concert is Australia.

Alpha Show

The dynamic theatre company Alpha will be visiting Woodlands during Term 2 to students in years Foundation to 4.  They will be performing ‘Aladdin’ which will be a fabulous show.


Students at Woodlands begin learning the recorder in year 2 and continue throughout years 3 and 4. 

For a fee requested from the parents / carers students receive a recorder and a display folder in year 2 to keep all their recorder music in. 

If your child’s recorder becomes lost we have a supply of spare recorders for you to purchase from the school office. Extra display folders can be purchased privately from most supermarkets at a small cost.

Please allow your child time to practise their recorder at home.

Students in year 2 sign a contract before learning to play the recorder, click here to view.